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VATIN Ribbon Co.,Ltd.
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Our Certificates & Teams:


Our business partner:


Our OEM customization capabilities:

Our core competencies:

1.Manufactring Custom Small Package Ribbon For OEM Clients For 20 Years

2.We have integrated design.Production and marketing processes with over 20 years of experience.

3.We have more than 20 years of professional trade service team.

4.We have over 20 years of trading experience in Europe and America,in Japan...

5.We have a million inventory.

6.Under normal circumstances, we will be within one hour of your reply.

7.Delivery time is 7-15 business days after received the deposit.

8.Retail Ribbon is loaded all kinds of ribbon to package integration package, you can simply sell to avoid the trouble of packing.


Q1. How long will you need to take time for answering our inquiry?

  Answer: If we have received your inquiry, we would reply you within 12 hours.


  Q2. Are your samples are free?

Answer:  1Samples are free in stock.

              2.Customize samples are acceptable and the charge is about USD 30-95  per size per color which are according to your design.


 Q3. How long will the sample making?

  Answer: 1.Sample time(in stock) is about 1-2 working days.

               2.Customize samples are about  7-15 working days.


 Q 4. How long will the manufacture bulk product ?

 Answer: It is according to your requirements about the quality , package and quantity.

              The lead time is about  5-18 business days.


Q5. What kinds of payment terms?

Answer: We always use T/T , L/C, trade assurance , Western Union and Paypal.


 Q6. Which shipping company are you cooperating? Type of shipping?

Answer: 1They are FedEx,DHL,UPS, TNT, EMS,express and so on.

             2By air transportation or sea transportation 


 Q 7. How about the goods have any quality problem?

Answer: We have the most professional after-sales’ team. We will give you the best support to make you and your clients satisfactory.


Q 8. How to Contact US?


     1.Click "Send Inquiry or Message". Send your inquiry Deatails and click Submit now.

     2.send Email:marketing@zs-huading.com  sales001@zs-huading.com   sales005@zs-huading.com